Frequently Asked Questions

What Faculty of Science courses are offered at the Surrey campus?

The list of science courses currently offered at the Surrey campus can be found here.

What courses should I take that are available at the Surrey campus?

Please see here for a list of recommended courses to take in your first year, depending on what your intended/declared major is. Please see here for a list of potential courses to take in your second year.

What does it mean to be a Surrey Science student

It means that you have a designation on your account that indicates Surrey as your main campus (but you are certainly free to take courses at other campuses). Being a Surrey Science student gives you priority enrollment for Faculty of Science courses that are offered at the Surrey campus for the first week of the enrollment period.

Can I take classes at the Burnaby campus or at the Vancouver campus if I'm a Surrey Science student?

Yes, all students are eligible to take classes at any of SFU's three campuses.

What are the advantages of taking science courses in Surrey?

Class sizes tend to be significantly smaller in Surrey courses as opposed to those offered in Burnaby. This can facilitate greater access to professors and teaching assistants (TAs), and greater potential for close-knit community. If/when you begin taking courses at the Burnaby campus, you may already have a group of friends/acquaintances with whom you can potentially take classes, study, and hang out!

How do the class sizes at the Surrey campus compare to those at the Burnaby campus?

At the Burnaby campus, class sizes for lower division courses can go up to around 500 students, but at the Surrey campus they're typically between 50 and 200 students.

For how many semesters will I be able to complete coursework at the Surrey campus?

Most Surrey Science students can complete at least two or three full semesters exclusively taking courses at the Surrey campus—depending on their program, their course load, and if they complete some of their breadth requirements at Surrey. 

For additional FAQs, please see the general Science Advising FAQs page, as well as the department's FAQ page for your intended/declared major. For academic advising in Surrey, please see the the Academic Advisor's page.