2019 Downtown Eastside Local Area Profile

August 07, 2019
Community garden and mural at 58 West Hastings Street

From 1996 to 2006, the Downtown Eastside Monitoring Reports published by the City of Vancouver were a resource for those who lived, worked and volunteered in the lowest-income neighbourhood in the City of Vancouver. The report compiled data, visualizations and maps from various statistical resources including Statistics Canada and the City of Vancouver, to provide a portrait of the neighbourhood's socioeconomic and community dynamics.

It has been 13 years since the last formal publication of the report. This student project by Todd Wong, and working with Andy Yan, bridges these years with an attempt to recreate an equivalent from the perspective of 2019 and the most recent data available from the 2016 Census and City of Vancouver databases. 

All efforts have been made to replicate the geographic boundaries of the report; however, some statistics were not directly replicable and there may be some slight deviations from previous reports.

Here are some major findings of this version of the DTES Monitoring Report:

  • Since 2006, property values in the Downtown Eastside have increased substantially. SRO median property values have increased approximately four-fold since 2006, while Vancouver median property values have increased approximately three-fold since 2006.
  • The demographics of the Downtown Eastside have changed slightly, but the neighbourhood, particularly parts outside of Strathcona, remains predominantly adult and male.
  • More areas in the Downtown Eastside are being redeveloped and/or rezoned to CD-1. From 2006 to 2018, 14 new CD-1 designations were created.

To download the full profile, please click here.

Special thanks to the community reviewers who provided their comments on this document.