Welcome to the City Program director's new blog

September 07, 2017

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the SFU City Program blog. This page will be a space where we can continue our program's mission to explain our urban world and envision what it could be. Since 1995, the City Program has convened and facilitated lectures, dialogues and workshops to enrich public engagement and understanding of how our communities, cities and regions work.

With our active certificate programs in Urban Design and Next Generation Transportation, as well as ongoing professional development courses in urban planninglawland-use finance and economics and real estate development, this blog will also offer a window into our work, as well as that of our students and instructors.

This space will also be a digital repository of studies, observations and data visualization work conducted by myself. In an era were “data is the new water,” I plan to take discussions out of the 140-character constraints of Twitter and published media into a longer-form conversation that includes context and nuance that may be missed in publication.

Much of my work as an urban planner and researcher is focused around working with community data and converting it into information and, once in a while, knowledge. In years of practice, one insight I have gained is that while data can start and inform a conversation about communities, it rarely ends it. This blog will hopefully extend and enrich these conversations.

I hope you enjoy your stay.