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SFU City Program occasionally receives or discovers documents that, while important to our history, remain unpublished. Here you'll find digital copies ensuring they reach a larger public.

  • Clouds of Change
    In 1990, the City of Vancouver released 'Clouds of Change,' the final report of the City of Vancouver Task Force on Atmospheric Change, outlying a series of initiatives aimed at improving air quality in Vancouver. It was likely the world’s first municipal blueprint for responding to global warming.

  • Don't Rest in Peace - ORGANIZE
    A community development scrapbook. Published in 1975 by the Neighbourhood Services Association of Greater Vancouver. Author: Margaret Mitchell, Cathie Goldney.

  • Downtown Vancouver Historical Trail
    The Downtown Historic Trail is a walking route that stands apart from the other downtown streets on its own merit. It is charged with the important task of connecting three historically rich areas - to each other, to adjacent neighbourhoods and to other parts of the City.

  • Greenways — Public Ways
    Vancouver City council appointed the Urban Landscape Task Force in August 1991 to improve the understanding of the value of the urban landscape and to recommend how to manage, protect, and enhance it. This work first into the context of past, current, and future city initiatives. The focus of this Task Force is the interface of our built and natural environments; how people connect with nature and how the urban landscape works or does not work as an organizing and vital system in the city.

  • Restoration Report: A Case For Renewed Life in the Old City

  • The Changing Face of the City, by GF Fountain
    A speech given by the 1963 Director of Planning on the past, current and future of planning in Vancouver. Intriguingly it touches on issues which remain relevant today.

  • Vancouver's Waterfront Evolution - 1888 to Present
    This presentation was given at The Waterfront Center’s Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., to celebrate their 25 years of recognizing design excellence and advocacy for urban waterfronts. The presentation was conceived as a “virtual bike tour” of Vancouver’s waterfront achievements as the City has been fortunate to receive numerous awards from the Centre including, most recently, the Southeast False Creek Public Realm. Credits: Scot Hein and Josh Bassett, City of Vancouver Urban Design Studio.

  • Whistler - Development of a Resort
    This document provides detailed background on the origins and evolution of the Whistler we know today, at a time when it was just a garbage dump.