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  • Sheinagh Anderson

    Sheinagh Anderson is a doctoral candidate in Arts Education from SFU presently researching Voice... read more

  • Aiden Ansarian

    Part-time psychotherapist and part-time musician, Aiden is a clinical counsellor with a Masters of... read more

  • Bill Arnott

    Vancouver author, poet and songwriter Bill Arnott is the bestselling non-fiction author... read more

  • Farnaz Badiee

    An SFU graduate, Farnaz is a lifelong learner and a scholar. She has a multidisciplinary background... read more

  • Mark Battersby

    Dr. Mark Battersby teaches at Capilano University and is endlessly curious about humans and the... read more

  • Alan Belk

    A philosopher and fully paid-up member of the precariat, Alan has taught ethics, critical thinking,... read more

  • Keith Caspell

     A resident of Burnaby, Keith is an optician by profession, but he is also an amateur history... read more

  • Angela Clarke

    Dr. Angela Clarke holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from UBC specializing in Italian... read more

  • Gary Cleave

    Gary's quest for the truth began in earnest when he became an SFU student in 1966. After graduating... read more

  • Reema Faris

    Reema Faris successfully defended her MA in Graduate Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University... read more

  • Brian Fraser

    Brian Fraser is lead provocateur of Jazzthink, where he uses the wit, wisdom and workings of jazz... read more

  • Kristen Gilbert

    Kristen Gilbert is the Director of Education for Options for Sexual Health, Canada’s largest... read more

  • Sukh Gill

    Sukh has spent a few good years holed up on the mountain, burning through her undergraduate degree... read more

  • David Kaufman

    Dr. David Kaufman served for seven years as Director, Learning & Instructional Development... read more

  • Christopher Ludwig

    Christopher Ludwig is a highly accomplished composer, producer, flutist and poet. He is also the... read more

  • Jim Lyall

    Jim is an itinerant, rational, R&D engineer with and interest in reconciling the human... read more

  • Randall MacKinnon

    Randall MacKinnon, the SENIORSage for MackINNOVATION, has served in various roles and positions for... read more

  • Valerie Malla

    Valerie Malla is a Simon Fraser University student majoring in philosophy and psychology. She has... read more

  • Marilyn Medén

    In retirement from teaching, Marilyn has been able to explore her creative side, publishing a... read more

  • Ben Mejilla

    Ben is a long-time resident of Richmond who is semi-retired from a career in accounting, personal... read more

  • Hilary Morden

    Hilary Morden is a sessional professor at SFU in the School of Criminology and has been a student... read more

  • Michael Picard

    Michael Picard is an instructor at SFU and in Douglas College's Department of Philosophy and... read more

  • Aman Saini

    The most you can ever possibly come to know is nothing but yourself. The lifelong learning Aman... read more

  • Daniel Sanderson

    Daniel is the Founder and CEO of planksip®, which has a registered Canadian trademark describing a... read more

  • Mark Stewart

    Mark Stewart is an educator and elementary school teacher in Vancouver. Aside from education he is... read more

  • Will Tesler

    Will Tesler has a PhD in underwater acoustics and has worked with the Pacific Biological Station in... read more

  • Karen Southall Watts

    In 2005 Karen Southall Watts drove across the United States alone to begin a new phase of her life... read more

  • Meguido Zola

    Meguido Zola was completely unknown until 19-mumble-mumble. Then he was born. Even then, he... read more