Can social media help with your job search?

By Sacha DeVoretz

Social media is a dynamic and powerful tool for anyone looking for a job. I use it daily to build my professional brand and more.

Recently, I spoke with Ada Juristovski, who leads a team of social media coaches at Hootsuite. She shared some insider knowledge on how you can use social media to succeed with your job search.

Sacha: How can social media help with a person's job search?

Ada: Job seekers should research a brand's presence on social media before applying. On social media, you can learn a lot about the company's values, culture, and, often times, life "behind the scenes." This information can help shape your application, interactions with the company, and interviews.

LinkedIn may be the most obvious social network when it comes to job searches. Recruiters and HR staff will check your LinkedIn profile, so make sure your information is up to date. Take your time and ensure your LinkedIn profile showcases everything you have to offer as an employee—not just your job history. Don't neglect to share your skills and get recommendations from colleagues. These will go a long way when a businesses is deciding on your application.

Sacha: What are your top tips for using social media for a job search?

Ada: Create a Twitter list of key decision-makers within companies you would like to work for. At the very least, you will be able to monitor and get a sense of the type of content they share, their interests, and if it's reflective of the type of company you would like to work for. 

If you'd like to be a bit more proactive, you can engage with these influencers. Something as simple as favouriting or retweeting some of their messages can keep you top of mind.

Sacha: Any other tips?

Ada: Social media can help, but can also hurt in your job search. Be wary of what you're posting. Just as you evaluate your employers on social, many employers can and do look into your social presence to see if you'll be a good fit for the company.

Ada is right—you need to be careful about what you post on your social channels. Here is one story of a woman who was fired for a tweet. Remember, social media is public!

I hope these social tips help you get going on your job search! Have you tried anything I haven't mentioned? Sound off in the comments.

About the author

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