Career Centre Advising Training

Specially designed for career centre staff (for example, high school career advisors in British Columbia), this intensive program prepares graduates to facilitate career development programs and provide career development resources for clients.

Get hands-on experience by helping with tasks such as operating a career resource centre, organizing a job fair, providing job search assistance, and promoting vocational programs.

Currently not available for registration.

Learning modules

This program consists of four learning modules, which cover several topics:

Career Development and Planning MODULE I

• Career development theories
• Career planning process and assessment
• Computer Assisted Career Guidance Systems
• Application of Blueprint
• Event planning and promotion (for example, job fairs)
• Related vocational resources

Labour Market Information MODULE II

• Work futures, job futures, and other sources of labour market information
• The labour market research process
• Informational interviews
• Job trends
• National Occupational Classification
• Transferable skills and dependable strengths
• Essential skills

Employability and Job Search Skills MODULE III

• Résumé writing (chronological, functional, and combined résumés)
• Cover letters
• Job interview skills
• Job search skills
• First job/placement day survival skills

 Career Centre Advising Skills MODULE IV

• Time management skills
• Teamwork skills
• Communication skills
• Group work skills
• Facilitation skills

What will you learn?

After completing this training, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the career development and planning process
  • Access and use career-related resources, including Blueprint
  • Use labour market information to meet students’ vocational needs
  • Understand the concepts of employability and job-search skills
  • Help manage a career resource centre and provide career-related programs
  • Master teamwork, communication, and other basic skills of a career centre assistant

How will you learn?

This program uses the following instructional methods:

  • Lectures, structural experiences, and video – 65% of class time
  • Class discussion – 10%
  • Instructor demonstrations – 10%
  • Supervised student practice – 15%

Outside of class, be prepared to spend about 20 hours studying and completing assignments.

Who should take this course?

This program is for high-school career centre advisors and related personnel. To enrol, you must have at least a Grade 12 education.

Textbooks and learning materials

We will provide all materials for this course.

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