Fall 2018


A Retired Diplomat's Candid Report on His Encounters with World Leaders (55+)

This course is based on 52 years of personal interactions between the instructor, a retired senior Canadian diplomat, and notable leaders from Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and several Asian nations. Unique and candid recollections will shed new light on the multifaceted conduct of Canadian foreign policy in the early postwar period, and on how a wide variety of internationally recognized figures interact in person, face to face.

The candid report will cover Canadian prime ministers from Diefenbaker to Chrétien, and global leaders from Indira Gandhi to John F. Kennedy. It will range through many countries, including Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. It will also cover China and its leaders from 1987 to 2007. As well as government figures, the course will examine financiers, activists, religious leaders and representatives of Indigenous peoples.

Note: This course involves active participation in group discussion.

Please note that enrollment in this course is reserved for adults 55+.

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What will I learn?

Week 1: Canadian and World Leaders (1955-1960)

John Diefenbaker, Prime Ministers Suhrawardy and Qureshi, General Ayub Khan, Afghan Princess and President John F. Kennedy.

Week 2: New Canadian Prime Ministers, and leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia (1961-1964)

Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister Abdul Rahman, President Sukarno and Dayak Chief Jugah.

Week 3: Canadian Prime Ministers and UN Bilateral Aid (1965-1975)

Pierre Trudeau, Paul Martin Sr., West Indian premiers and influential Italians.

Week 4: Canadians and the Ireland-West Indies World Bank group (1972-1982)

John Turner, Jean Chrétien, Robert McNamara, West Indian premiers, Imelda Marcos and Sultan of Solo.

Week 5: Leaders of Indonesia and Asia/Pacific (1982-1987)

Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, President Suharto, V.P. Malik, Indira Gandhi, President Corazon Aquino and Cardinal Sin.

Week 6: China and Canada (1987-2007)

Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark, Jean Chrétien, Deng Xiaoping, Zhao Ziyang, Li Peng, Zhu Rong Ji, Wen Jiabao and Professor Qu Geping.

How will I learn?

  • Lectures
  • Discussion (may vary from class to class)
  • Papers (applicable only to certificate students)

How will I be evaluated?

For certificate students only:

Your instructor will evaluate you based on an essay, which you will complete at the end of the course. You will receive a grade of “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory.”

Textbooks and learning materials

Reading material (if applicable) will be available in class. Some course materials may be available online.

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