Fondly Remembered: A Celebration of Musicians (55+)

In the past few years we have said goodbye to a diversity of acclaimed musicians. Now that we’ve had some time to accept their passing on, let’s explore their legacies and celebrate their individual talents.

We’ll listen to André Previn, film-score composer and pianist; Montserrat Caballé, Spanish soprano beloved for her celestial high notes and glorious tone; and Clark Terry, jazz trumpet player with impeccable technique. We’ll enjoy the unmistakable sound of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul; we’ll witness how David Bowie’s visual presentation made his live shows a constantly changing spectacle; and we’ll explore how Leonard Cohen, an artist who seemed destined to be a poet, became a performer who could fill stadiums and music festivals.

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What will I learn?

Week 1: André Previn (1929–2019)

After his family fled Germany, André moved to Hollywood and became an in-demand film score composer. He also proved to be a fine jazz and classical pianist and went on to write operas.

Week 2: Montserrat Caballé (1933–2018)

This Spanish soprano was beloved for her celestial high notes and glorious tone. She surprised the classical world when she went on to record an album of duets with pop star Freddie Mercury.

Week 3: Clark Terry (1920–2015)

This St. Louis born trumpet player worked with all the greats of jazz thanks to his impeccable technique and engaging personality.

Week 4: Aretha Franklin (1942–2018)

Never totally abandoning her religious foundation, the singer/pianist followed Ray Charles in embracing soul music, a combination of gospel, rhythm and blues and jazz.

Week 5: David Bowie (1947–2016)

David Bowie was a London-born singer/songwriter. He had insatiable curiosity dipping into many different genres of music. He felt the importance of visual presentation and his studies of design and print made his live shows a constantly changing spectacle.

Week 6: Leonard Cohen (1934–2016)

Leonard Cohen was a unique artist who seemed destined to be a poet. He was urged to become a performer by artists who had hit recordings of his music. Cohen’s audiences grew over the years filling stadiums and music festivals.

How will I learn?

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