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The Writer's Studio Reading Series (July 2012)

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 7:00 PM

Our one-year creative writing program, The Writer’s Studio, hosts a popular monthly reading series featuring local and out-of-town writers and authors. These mixed-genre readings are open to the public.

Readers List

FIONA SCOTT is a traveller recently reunited with her writing. It took only climbing Southeast Asia's largest mountain and bumping into a travel editor in the Philippines to motivate her! Soon to be published in TimeOut London, the Babe With A Backpack will share a headhunting tale from Borneo.

TARA WOHLBERG’S poetry has been shortlisted for the Malahat Review 2010 Open Season award. You can find her work in CV2, and her first chapter book, Cold Surely Takes the Wood, is in press with Alfred Gustav Press for a spring 2013 release. Her lyrics have been published by EC Schirmer as well as Boston and Oxford University Presses.

BEN NUTTALL-SMITH writes about people as he explores exotic lands. He is a member of the Canadian Authors’ Association, the Federation of BC Writers, the Canadian Poetry Association, and the Canadian Writers’ Union. His novels, Secrets Kept/Secrets Told, and Blood, Feathers and Holy Men, were published by Libros Libertad.

SUSILAWATI BRYANT resumed writing in 2004 with Dr. Marlene A. Schiwy's The New Autobiography: Your Life As Story, where she met the fellow students whom she calls her "Story Sisters." They meet monthly to share writing to this day. A singer, her inspirations are drawn to rhythm and movement.

KAREN J LEE is a recovering wife. Much is written, she says, about surviving divorce, but not much about how to stop being married. She hopes to change that. Karen was in the TWS 2011 nonfiction cohort, and she is currently working with Elizabeth Harvor at the Humber School of Writing.

During a life-long love affair with words, CAROL TULPAR has written essays, poetry, and short stories. She is currently working on a novel about family secrets, and she has a memoir on the back burner. Carol posts on various topics in her blog, Essay-eh.

BERNICE LEVER soon launches her 10th poetry book, Imagining Lives, through Black Moss Press. "Some lives are past, some in the future, but breathing love is now." Living on Bowen Island, she is inspired by its many creative personalities. This freelance editor has read on five continents.

Guest Artist

NORA GOULD writes from east central Alberta, near Consort, where she ranches and volunteers in wildlife rehabilitation with Medicine River. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in veterinary medicine. I see my love more clearly from a distance is her first poetry collection. In 2009, Nora Gould won the Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award.

Date(s): Friday, July 13, 2012, 7–9 pm

Location: Take 5 Café, 429 Granville St., Vancouver

Admission: Free

Related topic(s): Writing and Communications



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