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Indigenous culture: appropriation versus appreciation

What is cultural appropriation? How might we, as individuals, play a role in Indigenous cultural appropriation? What are the positive ways forward to build cultural appreciation? With guest Maynard Johnny Jr., Coast Salish Artist.


Mon, 16 Oct 2017 1:00 PM

335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver | 604-988-6844 | Map


  • Maria Turnbull

    Maria Turnbull worked in London and completed her MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore prior to joining Vantage Point’s team in 2006. Rooted in the not-for-profit sector through numerous leadership roles with the British and Canadian Red Cross Societies, OXFAM and Amnesty International, Maria loves collaborating and exploring partnerships in her role as associate executive director at Vantage Point. She strongly believes that citizens have the greatest potential for positive change in the community through the not-for-profit sector. Maria has settled on Bowen Island with her husband and two little boys. When she isn't travelling, Maria relaxes by skiing, hiking and sailing with her family.

Admission: Free. Registration not required.

Duration: 90 mins

Related topic(s): Liberal Arts

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