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Lack of Affordable Housing & Islamophobia

how can we address the systemic barriers preventing a liveable and inclusive City?

With the current lack of affordable housing in Surrey as well as the growing tide of Islamophobia in Canada, we need to come up with innovative approaches to deal with these new challenges by engaging community members in collaborative projects. How do we, as residents of Surrey, overcome some of these systemic challenges to make this an affordable, livable city that thrives in creativity and inclusivity, by going beyond tolerance and into accepting the “other”. Often times we perceive the “other” as a threat to scarce resources, but in reality, they are people with deep desires to give back to the country and city that has helped them pursue a better life. How do we combat this perception?


Thu, 19 Oct 2017 5:30 PM

READ-Ability Lounge, 1st floor, City Centre Library, 10350 University Dr., Surrey | 604-598-7420 | Map


  • Zainub and Shamira

    Zainub and Shamira are from Nisa Homes, a transition shelter for Muslim women and children fleeing violence or experiencing homelessness in Surrey. Nisa Homes is working to engage community members in collaborative projects such as entrepreneurial and micro-financing workshops and opportunities to make relevant connections with established community organizations. Another collaborative project focuses on radical acceptance, forgiveness, finding voice and creative purpose.

Admission: Free. Registration not required.

Duration: 90 mins

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