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The Making of a Dictator: Putin’s Rise to Power

Sat, 25 Nov 2017 1:30 PM

In the course of three years, Vladimir Putin rose from being jobless to president of the largest country in the world, amassing unprecedented personal fortune along the way. Coming to office as a reformer, on the promise of order and prosperity, he managed to return Russia to an authoritarian state reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Calling the disintegration of the Soviet Union “the greatest geopolitical disaster of the century,” Putin stirred war in Chechnya and Ukraine, murdered journalists and dissidents, annexed Crimea and bombed Syria, all while enjoying popular support. History is rarely made in front of our eyes, but as we’ll see in this lecture, with Trump in the White House and Putin in the Kremlin, we are witnessing one of history’s pivotal points.

Date(s): Sat, Nov 25, 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Location: Room 1900, SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre)

Admission: Free and open to all adults, but please register.

Related topic(s): Liberal Arts


  • Marina Sonkina

    Marina Sonkina's initiation into the world of academia happened at the age of 18, as a freshman at the Moscow State University. She was enjoying a seminar on 18th-century Russian cultural history, presented by the famous scholar Uri Lotman.

    As a PhD student of this professor, Sonkina made a discovery: "All aspects of human culture are deeply interconnected," she said, "in spite of a seeming fragmentation of the disciplines of those who study culture." She went on to study philosophy, psychology, film, theatre, folklore and visual arts.

    In 1987, Sonkina emigrated to Canada from the USSR, and became a producer and broadcaster at CBC Radio. Later, she taught at Dawson College in Montreal, followed by UBC and SFU. When she is not teaching or studying, she offers lessons in yoga and dance tango, and writes.

    She writes and publishes both in English and Russian. She has produced several collections of short fiction, including Tractorina’s Stories, Runic Alphabet, Comrade Stalin's Baby Tooth (2012), Lucia's Eyes and Other Stories (2014). Her most recent book Expulsion was chosen as a 'Staff Pick' by BC BookWorld in Spring 2016. Her books are available on and at local bookstores.



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