Small Is Big: Jump-Starting Small-City Downtowns for the New Economy

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 1:00 PM

In this webinar, Michael von Hausen will examine some of the key ingredients necessary to revitalize the downtowns of small cities and towns for resilience and the new economy. Using his four building blocks and comprehensive downtown health assessment tool, Michael will provide strategies that move beyond “cosmetic” design fixes. Michael will first describe his approach and the results of his research. He will then use case studies and jump-start ideas to illustrate the potential advantages that small city downtowns may have as proactive responders to emerging demographic demands and associated place-first priorities. The intent of the presentation is to provide a more multi-dimensional approach to future planning of downtowns, engage in an interactive dialogue, and provide insightful ideas for declining downtowns in small cities and towns across North America.

Michael von Hausen has recently published a new book on this topic, Small Is Big: The Rise of the Next Great Small to Mid-Sized Downtowns (2017). It provides a methodology and inspiration for realizing the untapped potential of small to mid-sized downtowns in the new economy. Purchase the book here.

This event is part of SFU Vancouver's Open Learning Week.


Date: Monday, November 20, 2017, 1 pm (PST)

Free webinar, but reservations required. Reserve on Eventbrite.

Related topic: Urban Design


Michael von Hausen, president, MVH Urban Planning and Design Inc., and lead instructor in SFU's Urban Design Certificate Program



Telephone: 778-782-5254