Philosophers' Café

Philosophers often write of a well-lived life—but what is it? How do we know we’re living well?

What factors contribute to a well-lived life?


Thu, 18 Apr 2019 7:00 PM

Terry Fox library, 2470 Mary Hill Rd., Port Coquitlam | 604-927-7999 | Map
Note: Parking and access to the library are currently impacted by the ongoing construction project of the new recreation centre. The library will be changing locations as part of this project. Check the library website for current information on the status of the project and the library location.


Admission: Free. Registration not required.

Duration: 90 mins

Related topic(s): Liberal Arts

About the Philosophers' Café

Philosophers’ Café is a series of informal public discussions in libraries, cafés and restaurants throughout Metro Vancouver. The cafés, which are open to everyone, have brought dialogue and discussion to thousands of people who are interested in exploring issues from the absurd to the sublime. To learn more about the Philosophers’ Café, please visit their website.

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