Tax Information

For tax information regarding SFU undergraduate or graduate academic courses please see here.


As an SFU Continuing Studies student, you may be able to claim tax credits if any of the courses or programs you took meet the educational criteria set by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It is your responsibility to ensure you qualify to claim this tax credit.


Beginning with the 2017 tax year, the federal education and textbook tax credits have been eliminated and will no longer be available for a student to claim. For 2017 and subsequent tax years, other income tax provisions relying on eligibility for the education tax credit, will instead rely on eligibility as a qualifying student.


The tuition tax credit is unaffected by this change.

Enrolment Services staff cannot answer tax-related questions. The information on this page is all the tax-related information that we can provide. If you have any other questions about tuition and enrolment credit, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly.

Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

Simon Fraser University is a designated education institution.

To claim your tuition and enrolment amounts you will use the Form T2202A (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate). To receive the form you must be enrolled in a certificate or diploma program. To claim tuition you may be able to use the official tax receipt issued by SFU Continuing Studies.

How can I get another T2202* tax form sent to me?

You can request a duplicate copy of your T2202 tax form by filling out a T2202 Duplicate Request Form. Please be sure to include your full name and current mailing address. Once we have your form, we will mail a duplicate T2202 tax form to you at no charge.

*Up to and including the 2013 tax year, SFU Continuing Studies issued the T2202(e) Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate to all eligible students, which specified the education amount only and did not include the tuition amount. This form was used in conjunction with the tax receipt to claim tuition, education and textbook amounts.

Why aren't all the fees I paid this year showing up on the T2202 tax form?

Eligible tuition fees are based on the calendar year for which the fees are assessed, not the date on which the fees are paid. If tuition fees paid extend beyond the calendar year, they are pro-rated on the T2202 tax form. For example, if a program has an October 1 start date and a March 31 end date, only the tuition fee representing the October through December period will be reflected in the current year tax certificate. The remaining amount, representing January through March, will be reflected on the following year’s T2202 tax form.

Can SFU Continuing Studies give the tax certificate information to my parents/accountant/income tax preparer?

We will disclose your tax information to another individual only if we receive written/faxed authorization from you authorizing the release of your tax information to that individual. Under no circumstances will any information about our students be released to another individual without first receiving this authorization.

I am an international student. Why do I need a tax certificate?

SFU Continuing Studies is required to report this information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

Where can I get more information on the tax certificate?

Canada Revenue Agency

Students and Income Tax

International Students in Canada