Dan Adleman

After finishing his undergraduate degree in English literature and philosophy at the University of Manitoba, Dan Adleman moved to Japan, where he studied Japanese. On returning to Canada, he enrolled at UBC, where he earned his MA and PhD in English Literature.

For the last decade, he has taught academic and technical writing and rhetoric at BCIT, where he is a communications instructor. His research interests include rhetoric, new media studies, psychoanalysis, and the depiction of violence in contemporary film and literature. He is also co-director of the Vancouver Institute for Social Research, a philosophy free school held yearly at the Or Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

Previously taught

  • Getting Your Way: Rhetoric From Aristotle to Twitter (55+)   SCFC825
  • McLuhan’s Mediasphere   AHCP246
  • On the Couch: Freud and the Freudians   AHCP225
  • Persuasion in the 21st Century: Rhetoric and the Media   AHCP266
  • What Is Media Philosophy?   LIB104