Ernest Bumann

Ernest Bumann, born and raised in Switzerland, received his PhD in Egyptology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to an MA in Egyptology from the same university, he also holds an MA in biblical history from Jerusalem University College and an MEd in education from the University of Exeter.

Ernest Bumann specializes in the history, archaeology, and languages of ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East. Another focus of his studies is the history of the biblical period in close correlation with the neighbouring societies and countries of the ancient Near East, particularly Egypt.

He is also interested in the cultural development and exchange between other ancient civilizations in the Old World, including the civilization of the Indus Valley, Ancient China and Ancient Europe, and Mesoamerica and South America.

Previously taught:

  • Written in Stone: Exploring Biblical Archaeology   AHCP222
  • The Rise and Fall of the Mighty: Six Ancient Civilizations   AHCP180

Area(s) of instruction: