Kevin Chong

Kevin Chong has published five books of fiction and non-fiction. Baroque-a-Nova (Penguin Canada 2001, Plume USA 2002, Balland FRANCE 2002), a novel, and Neil Young Nation (Greystone 2005), a music memoir, were reviewed by The New York Times. His recent books include Beauty Plus Pity (Arsenal Pulp Press 2011), a novel; My Year of the Racehorse (Greystone 2012), a memoir on horse racing; and Northern Dancer, a biography of the racehorse by the same name (Penguin Canada 2014). 

The Washington Post describes Baroque-a-Nova as an "[a]mbitious and sharply funny first novel. At heart, Baroque-a-Nova is a remarkably wise meditation on the flaws and seductions of life lived in the media soup...Baroque-a-Nova is an admirable and humane attempt to show the merits and pitfalls of shooting for more."

Writing about Beauty Plus Pity, Rawi Hage calls it "[f]unny and devastating. Chong is a melange of Bukowski and Woody Allen."

In addition to extensive freelance journalism work, Chong also edits fiction at

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