Lindsay Cole

Social Innovation

Lindsay Cole is delighted to join the teaching team for the Social Innovation program from her home in xwesam, shíshálh swiya, also known as the Sunshine Coast. Lindsay is currently leading the Solutions Lab at the City of Vancouver – a place where breakthrough, transformative solutions to some of the city’s most complex problems are being sought. She’s worked on a variety of exciting projects with the city over her 10 year tenure, including leading the planning and public engagement process for the award-winning Greenest City Action Plan.

Lindsay completed her Ph.D. at UBC in 2021, where she explored the transformative potential of public sector innovation labs alongside action co-researchers from Canada and Europe. She is continuing this research as an adjunct professor at UBC, currently working with a great team and cohort in the Transforming Cities from Within learning journey. 

Prior to joining the City of Vancouver team, Lindsay was an active social entrepreneur. She co-founded and co-directed Sustainability Solutions Group, a workers cooperative consulting company doing climate change and sustainability work. She also worked in the green building and development sector as a sustainability consultant. In addition to her work and research, Lindsay is an active volunteer in community economic development, the parent of an incredible kid and caretaker of a small flock of chickens.

Upcoming courses taught by Lindsay Cole

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Start DateThu, Feb 24, 2022
Area of StudySocial Innovation