Lindsey bat Joseph

Rabbi Lindsey bat Joseph has an MA in Hebrew letters with a special interest in liturgy and theology from the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion and an MA in philosophy (with an emphasis on moral philosophy) from Simon Fraser University. She also has a BA in religious studies and applied ethics and a BEd from the University of Calgary. 

A reform rabbi, she was previously a rabbi-educator at Temple Beth Ora in Edmonton for 11 years. She is the director of the Centre for Jewish Excellence, a local Jewish outreach organization. She has been teaching for over 25 years, primarily in adult and post-secondary settings, and is currently the associate dean of Arts and Sciences at Alexander College. She has also acted as a moderator for SFU's Philosophers' Café.

Previously taught:

  • Answering the Call: Patriarchs in Jewish Tradition (55+)   SCFC904
  • Biblical Enigmas: David, Esther and Job (55+)   PLUS238
  • Dancing on Our Enemy's Grave: Jewish Ethics of War and Peace (55+)   PLUS203
  • Exodus: The Foundational Story of Jewish Tradition (55+)   PLUS276
  • Jewish Mothers, Matriarchs and Mythology (55+)   PLUS184
  • Righteous Gentiles: Non-Israelites Who Saved and Shaped the Jewish People (55+)   PLUS291
  • The Hebrew Bible: Foundational Stories (55+)   SCFC790
  • What Does the Good Book Say? (55+)   SCFC940
  • Women Warriors and Prophets of Israel (55+)  PLUS394
  • Women Warriors and Prophets of Israel (55+)   SCFC888
  • “Myth” Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Legends in Genesis (55+)   PLUS126

Area(s) of instruction: