Natasha Aruliah

Natasha Aruliah identifies as a racialized, immigrant settler who currently lives on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish.

Working as a therapist with marginalized communities, she witnessed the impact of systems and structures on people and specifically the harm, inequity and injustice they experienced. She now works as a facilitator, consultant, educator and coach, specializing in diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice and transformative change, both locally and globally.

For over 25 years, Natasha has led workshops and retreats, facilitated brave conversations in teams and coached key staff and board members. She strives to create spaces for all voices to be brought in and supports dialogue, often difficult and courageous, across difference and on topics that are usually avoided, taboo and challenging. This work has included a provincial initiative facilitating community dialogues on racism around the province as part of an anti-hate-crime strategy.

Natasha is currently writing a book about her work in diversity, equity and inclusion and specifically the role of identity.

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