Shawn Michael Bullock

Shawn Michael Bullock, PhD, is an assistant professor of science education in SFU's Faculty of Education. He earned graduate degrees in the history and philosophy of science and technology as well as in science education after an undergraduate education in physics. One of his current research projects is an investigation of how the history of physics might be meaningfully used in science education.

Previously taught:

  • Space!   LIB119
  • Contemplating Modern Physics: Dark Matter, Superstrings, and Other Strange Things (55+)   SCFC783
  • Onward to the Stars: A History of Human Spaceflight (55+)   SCFC908
  • Planets, Stars, Black Holes and Cosmology (55+)   SCFC859
  • Revisiting the 1960s–From the Earth to the Moon: The Apollo Program   AHCP274
  • Saturday Forum | Much Ado About Pluto  
  • Saturday Forum | Snap, Crackle and Pop!: A Short History of Noise  
  • Science and the Supernatural   AHCP258
  • To Boldly Go: Six Unresolved Questions in Physics (55+)   SCFC937
  • Victorian Science: An Era of Discovery (55+)   SCFC883
  • What Researchers Really Do (55+)   SCFC791

Area(s) of instruction: