Wendy Bancroft

Wendy Bancroft has been helping people tell their stories all her working life. Her career began as a story producer and journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and then accelerated after gaining a master's in political science from UBC. After graduating, Wendy went on to become a senior researcher with the Angus Reid Group, and then with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation where she specialized in qualitative methods. Driven by a desire to return to creative pursuits, she combined skills gained in filmmaking, writing and research to form her own video production company and produced many films. At the same time she was lead author of The First Century, a book chronicling the 100th anniversary of the Union of BC Municipalities, co-author of the book, Cinemazoo, My Urban Safari, and structural editor for In Praise of Strong Women, a book that went on to win the Independent Publishers Award for Non-fiction.

A member of the Association of Personal Historians and the International Institute for Reminiscence and Life Review, Wendy has a keen interest in preserving life history. In 2014, she became certified to lead workshops in “guided autobiography,” a warmly structured and theme-based approach that combines writing and life review in a context of supportive small-group sharing.  

Previously taught: 

  • Story Catching: Learning from Life (55+)   PLUS142
  • Story Catching: Mining Memories Through Guided Autobiography   LIB147

Area(s) of instruction: