Alvaro Higueras

Alvaro Higueras is an archaeologist and cultural heritage consultant with focus in Andean South America, Italy, and the ex-Yugoslavia Balkan region. In Peru and Bolivia, he has conducted extensive field work, concentrating in the formation of large-scale societies or empires.

In the Balkans, he has worked as a United Nations consultant for the reconstruction of war-torn cultural heritage. In Rome, he has addressed issues of open-air archaeological sites in urban settings. In Canada, while conducting field work in Northern BC, Higueras is exploring cultural heritage rights in Peru, where historical and cultural factors have created status differences between Indigenous highland groups and those in the Amazon forest.

Recently, Alvaro Higueras has been a sessional professor at Simon Fraser University, an invited professor at the Universidad de los Andes in Columbia, and an adjunct professor at the American University of Rome.


Previously taught:

  • A Tale of Three Cities: Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople, and Their Spheres of Influence (55+)   SCFC732
  • Saturday Forum | World Cultural Heritage Sites: Challenges and Progress (Surrey)  
  • Cultural Heritage in Latin America: Ancestry and Tradition on a Multi-Ethnic Continent (55+)   SCFC696
  • Southern Italy: Power in the Mediterranean World (55+)   SCFC679
  • From Antipasto to Rome: Strolling in the Eternal City (55+)   SCFC661
  • Free Saturday Forum | Antipasto to Rome: Strolling in the Eternal City  
  • Archaeology: Insights, Discoveries, and Progress in Prehistory (55+)   SCFC594

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