Jessie Gresley-Jones

Jessie Gresley-Jones is a planner in the City Design Studio at the City of Vancouver. Jessie leads work focused on improving the public realm across the city and engaging with all departments to create a more coordinated approach to delivering great public spaces. Jessie formerly worked as a core member of the Cambie Corridor planning team and led the work on the new Oakridge Municipal Town Centre, the largest growth area outside of the downtown and one of the most ambitious housing projects the City has undertaken. Jessie also managed the Public Realm Plan for the Cambie Corridor, a plan to knit together these emerging neighbourhoods and create a more defined sense of place.

Jessie previously worked as a planner at the District of North Vancouver, facilitating inter-departmental projects including design guidelines, implementation plans, transportation planning, park planning and urban design. He was also a project manager and urban designer at Hapa Collaborative, where he managed projects ranging from temporary public realm installations to large-scale mixed-use developments.

Jessie has a pragmatic approach to planning, understanding the realities and complexities of the projects and the City framework. His work continues to bridge the disciplines of planning, transportation planning, transportation design and park planning to create an urban design concept that is grounded and able to be implemented over time.

Jessie has a bachelor of environmental studies in planning from the University of Waterloo and a master's of landscape architecture from the University of Toronto.

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