Julian Gonzalez

For over 15 years, Julian Gonzalez has worked on societal challenges in South, Central and North America, consulting with non-profits, businesses, universities, research institutes and governments.

Trained as an engineer, Gonzalez has done planning work with First Nations in Canada and developed sustainable growth strategies for regional districts in B.C. He has worked on watershed management projects with the US Environmental Protection Agency in Puerto Rico, and provided training, capacity development and climate change planning for UN-Habitat in South America. Projects he has supported have won many awards of excellence.

Gonzalez is passionate about the ways in which groups and societies make progress on complex societal challenges, a topic he focused on in his M.Sc. and PhD studies. He’s particularly interested in how personal and group dynamics limit progress. He has amassed expertise in learning tools, methods, processes and systems that help groups diagnose, intervene in and address the problems they face. 

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