Margaret Easton

Margaret Easton holds master's degrees in liberal studies and gerontology from SFU and is currently a PhD candidate in graduate liberal studies. Her research examines models of “successful aging” and “successful dying” from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Margaret’s recent work with aging includes prevention of financial abuse of older adults, research projects addressing residential care of older adults and Alzheimer drug therapies, teaching "Adult Development & Aging" at the University of Calgary, and Theories of Successful Aging in the Liberal Arts and 55+ Program at SFU. She is also currently assisting the Liberal Arts and 55+ Program with the development of courses in End-of-Life Studies.

Previously taught:

  • Ancient Greece: Ancient Lessons for Modern Medicine   LIB167
  • Bill C-14: The Long History of Suicide, Euthanasia and Assisted Dying (55+)   PLUS159
  • Introduction to End-of-Life Studies   LIB129
  • What Do We Mean by "Successful Aging"? (55+)   PLUS309

Area(s) of instruction: