Margaret Easton

Margaret Easton holds master's degrees in liberal studies and gerontology from SFU and is currently a PhD candidate in graduate liberal studies. Her doctoral research explores longevity and the fourth age through the modern novel, with a specific focus on the recent emergence of successful dying as a potential substitute for unsuccessful ageing in late life. Margaret has explored aging from multiple perspectives, including working with the prevention of financial abuse of older adults, participation in research projects addressing residential care of older adults and Alzheimer drug therapies, and teaching "Adult Development & Aging" at the University of Calgary. Margaret is also currently assisting the Liberal Arts and 55+ Program with the development of courses in end of life studies and has recently developed and taught Introduction to End of Life Studies.

Previously taught:

  • Ancient Greece: Ancient Lessons for Modern Medicine   LIB167
  • Bill C-14: The Long History of Suicide, Euthanasia and Assisted Dying (55+)   PLUS159
  • Introduction to End-of-Life Studies   LIB129

Area(s) of instruction: