Molly Harrington

Molly Harrington has worked for the British Columbia public service since 1994 and has been with the Policy and Research Division as Assistant Deputy Minister since September 2008. She holds a BA in economics and history from the University of Toronto, an MA in planning from the University of British Columbia, and a graduate diploma in social innovation from the University of Waterloo.

Harrington commenced her government service with Small Business, Tourism, and Culture by working on economic mitigation strategies. She moved to Forest Renewal BC and worked in community, employment, and business development programs with local government and First Nation communities. She went on to be a part of the Treaty Negotiations Office, working as both a negotiator and the director of the Treaty Implementation and Legislation Branch. She also coordinated and oversaw implementation of the Nisga'a Treaty obligations by line ministries and crown agencies.

Harrington operated as the CEO and ADM of the Crown Agencies Secretariat within the Ministry of Finance from 2005 to 2008, overseeing the government’s $13 B portfolio of crown corporations and developing the Crown Agency Governance system that allowed devolution of oversight from the Ministry of Finance to individual ministries.

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