Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey, MA, a psychologist in private practice, has been passionate about literature since he was six. His mother often read to him from the Bible, and he still remembers the passage that riveted him—a vivid description of a powerful horse.

Harvey particularly admires Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare and Walt Whitman, and loves Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, which he calls "a work of massive proportions, massive thought, so far above the mean and tinny register it has received from modern adaptation."

He enjoys teaching adult learners because, in each class he has taught, "each individual has shown so much life force. Each has come from a unique pattern of living; all show so much willingness to resume again and again the task of absorbing and expressing our common destiny as learners and celebrants of life."


Previously taught:

  • 100 Years in the Making: The Mysteries of Modern Psychotherapy Revealed (55+)   SCFC473
  • Alice Munro, Short-Story Writer  
  • Cervantes’ Don Quixote (55+)   SCFC826
  • Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales   AHCP249
  • Highly Successful Short Stories (55+)   SCFC651
  • Human Emotions and Their Reflection in Literature (55+)   SCFC432
  • Kissing Cousins: Close Relations Between Fictional Art and Psychotherapy (55+)   SCFC646
  • Masters of the Short Story: Anton Chekhov and Kate Chopin (55+)   SCFC493
  • Modes and Basic Principles of Psychotherapy   AHCP140
  • Reading Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra and Hamlet (55+)   SCFC881
  • Reading Shakespeare: The Tempest and The Winter's Tale (55+)   SCFC862
  • Rembrandt the Fabulist (55+)   SCFC695
  • Shakespeare’s Other Project: The Sonnets   AHCP208
  • South Africa: From Colony to Rainbow Nation (55+)   SCFC847
  • The Astonishing Life, Art and Letters of Vincent van Gogh (55+)   SCFC459
  • The Experience of Literature: How to Read Poetry and Fiction (55+)   SCFC398
  • Understanding Trauma   AHCP104
  • Walt Whitman, Poet (55+)   SCFC719
  • Writing Trauma: Distinguishing Fiction and Reality (55+)   SCFC830

Area(s) of instruction: