Sebastian Huebel

Sebastian Huebel holds a PhD in history from UBC, where his research concentrated on German-Jewish masculine identities in the 1930s. He also has a BA in history from Thompson Rivers University (2007) and an MA in history from the University of Victoria (2009). His thesis was on the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics under the Third Reich.

Sebastian teaches at Alexander College and the University of the Fraser Valley. He was previously a teaching assistant at UVic and UBC for several courses on modern European history. At Thompson Rivers University, he worked for a number of language and culture programs and taught university-level study-skills courses. He was also an auxiliary history instructor at the College of the Rockies.

His main areas of interest include 20th-century Germany and the history of the Holocaust and modern genocide. He immigrated to Canada from Germany with his family in 2003.


  • 70 Years Later: Debates and Controversies of the Second World War and the Holocaust (55+) PLUS330 (NOTE: This course has been cancelled due to instructor availability.)

Previously taught:

  • 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: Origins of the First World War: Lessons and Legacies   LIB155
  • A Social History of the Third Reich (55+)   SCFC961
  • Interwar Europe: 1919–1939 (55+)   SCFC887
  • Rising from the Ruins: Europe 1945-1989 (55+)   PLUS253
  • Surrey Previews | Berlin, 1914: A City at War  
  • The Complexities of Conflict: War and Public Opinion   LIB142
  • The First World War: The Human Story (55+)   SCFC834
  • The Second World War in Europe: The Human Actors (55+)   PLUS166

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