Amy Li

Amy Li is the founder of Freewill International Learning Center, an online learning platform that focuses on independent thinking, core humanistic knowledge, and contemporary issues.

Amy qualified as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in China, and a CGA (Certified General Accountant) in Canada. She has a degree in economics.

Amy has worked with the world’s leading audit firm, Arthur Andersen, developed CGA and MBA curriculum with CGA-Canada and its partner universities, and taught at Vancouver Community College.


Previously taught:

  • Thoreau's Walden and Other Essays   AHCP132
  • Three Great Eastern Poets: Rumi, Tagore, and Gibran (55+)   SCFC683
  • Three Ongoing Experiments for Fundamental Social Change: The Seemingly Impossible is Possible (55+)   SCFC672
  • Saturday Forum | Can Great Books Change Our Lives?  
  • Pre-eminent Cultural Figures of China (55+)   SCFC626

Area(s) of instruction: