Andreas Lindinger

Andreas Lindinger is a Vienna-based urban management consultant at Denkstatt, a leading sustainability consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe. He offers an interdisciplinary transportation, business, finance and sustainability background with more than 10 years of consulting expertise and broad international experience acquired in Vienna, Vancouver, Dublin and Berlin.

At Denkstatt, Andreas provides smart city consulting services on the city, districtand regional level, thereby applying a comprehensive sustainability perspective and putting people in the centre of urban development. By understanding the city as a system, combining technological solutions with social innovation, and developing interdisciplinary solutions for urban mobility, infrastructure, buildings, energy and other areas, Andreas aims to create long-term value for municipalities, developers, residents and other stakeholders.

Andreas is also a graduate of SFU’s Next-Generation Transportation Certificate program, the founder and city organizer of Jane’s Walk Vienna and an urbanist known for sharing best practices on his blog. Check out his website AndreasLindinger.AT and follow him on Twitter.


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