Josh Labove

Josh Labove, a PhD candidate in geography, holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Chicago and an MA from Dartmouth College.

His recent work focuses on the way legal traditions are performed and (re)constituted along the Canada-US border. Engaging with the border as both a geopolitical production and a means of investigating methods of inclusion and exclusion, he continues to do research about transnational mobility, particularly in the post-9/11 North American context.


Previously taught:

  • The U.S. South: 50 Years After the Civil Rights Act   AHCP242
  • Gadding About: Modern Travel   AHCP221
  • Oh, Canada: Perspectives on Canada Today   AHCP205
  • Saturday Forum | Geographies of Food and Consumption: The Social Life of Taste  
  • Oh, Canada Lecture Series (Lecture 5)—Looking for Justice in Canada's Aboriginal Policies (Surrey City Centre Library)   AHCP195

Area(s) of instruction: