Michael Kluckner

Michael Kluckner is a Canadian writer and artist, the author of a number of books. His early books on the history of Canadian cities, heritage, planning issues and art, include Vancouver, The Way It Was, Vanishing Vancouver, Paving Paradise, and British Columbia in Watercolour. They won several awards, including the Duthie Prize, the Vancouver Book Prize, the Toronto Book Prize (short list), the Hallmark Society (Victoria) Award of Merit and the Heritage Canada Medal of Achievement.

Books of the 1990s include Vancouver, A Collection of Paintings and The Pullet Surprise: A Year on an Urban Farm, Canada: A Journey of Discovery. His Wise Acres was published in 2000, and Vanishing British Columbia was published by UBC Press in 2005. Vancouver Remembered was published in 2006 by Whitecap Books.

In 1991, Michael Kluckner was founding President of the Heritage Vancouver Society, and he served as President of the Langley Heritage Society from 1993 to 1998. From 1996 until 2001, he was the British Columbia member of the Board of Governors of the Heritage Canada Foundation, for which he served as chair from 1998-2000.

He had an early, brief career in 1979-80 as a newspaper cartoonist.

Previously taught

  • Getting Started on Your Graphic Novel   LIB165
  • Migration and Settlement in British Columbia (55+)   PLUS118
  • Oh Canada! Perspectives On Canada Today   AHCP250
  • Unaffordable and Vanishing Vancouver: The Historical Context (55+)   PLUS248

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