Justin Newell

Since 1985, Justin Newell (Italian-born and multilingual) has been lecturing on art history for universities and colleges, and leading enrichment tours of the Mediterranean and Europe for American and Canadian clients. He has lectured for the University of British Columbia, Continuing Studies Department, since 1997 and has been a program director for the Languages and Cultures Department organizing and leading art history tours of Italy. He’s offered lectures at Brock House since 1989, and he is Art Historian-In-Residence for elite cruise lines (Silversea, Celebrity, Costa and numerous others).

In the Greater Vancouver area, he has lectured for the University of British Columbia, Capilano College (now Capilano University), Douglas College, numerous school boards, and private institutions. For UBC he created and taught painting courses, including Painting Techniques of the Masters, and for a number of years he participated in the Coquitlam School Board’s “Artist in the School” program, teaching painting and lecturing on Greek myth.

Justin undertook his undergraduate studies at York University, Toronto (graduating in 1983). His post-graduate studies were self-directed in Europe, mainly in Italy, France and England. During the late 1990s and the early 2000s, Justin spent a significant amount of time in Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, France and Greece, researching the collections of major museums, along with current and historical events.

Previously taught:

  • Ancient Greece: Aphrodite in Art   LIB168
  • European Sculpture from 1400 to 1900 (55+)   PLUS328
  • French Impressionism: The First Generation (55+)   PLUS223
  • Free Forum | Easter in Art
  • Free Forum | The Olive Branch: Symbolism in Western Painting and Sculpture
  • 500 Years of Women Artists (55+)   PLUS313

Area(s) of instruction: