Nabyl Merbouh

Nabyl Merbouh obtained a BSc in chemistry from the University of Tours (France), a DEA in chemistry (MSc equivalent) from the IRCOF-INSA Institute in Rouen (France) and a PhD from the University of Connecticut (USA). In 2004 he joined the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla, California (USA) as a post-doctoral fellow where he worked under the supervision of Professor Peter Seeberger on complex carbohydrate syntheses. In 2005 he joined Simon Fraser University as a chemistry instructor and was promoted to teaching professor in 2017. He is a recipient of the SFU Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award (2016) and the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award (2017). His current research interests are focused on improving teaching methods in organic chemistry and organic spectroscopy for undergraduate students, along with the implementation of the Undergraduate Research Immersion initiative in the chemistry department.

Previously taught:

  • Organic Chemistry: Curiosity and Passion   LIB188

Area(s) of instruction: