Billie Joe Rogers


Billie Joe Rogers is an Ojibwe member of Aamjiwnaang First Nation. She completed her PhD at SFU in the Department of Psychology, specializing in law and forensic psychology. During her studies at SFU, Billie Joe tailored her education to focus on Aboriginal youth in conflict with the law—specifically on the intersection between cultural connectedness, resilience, justice involvement and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Her doctoral studies built on her master's research and focused on the intersection of justice, health and child welfare, evaluating a provincial pilot project that provided culturally informed support services to justice-involved Aboriginal youth living with FASD.

Billie Joe began working with Reciprocal Consulting in the fall of 2010, an award-winning all-Indigenous research and evaluation consulting firm. Billie Joe serves as the director of evaluation and research and co-leads the team. As part of this work, she has had the opportunity to deliver a number of presentations and training sessions on Indigenous issues as they relate to psychology, research methodologies and risk assessments.

In addition to her education and work, Billie Joe is committed to giving back to the community. She has volunteered with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society’s Recreation program, with the Indigenous Student Centre at SFU, as both a peer mentor to first-year Aboriginal students and as an academic tutor to Aboriginal students, and with many of the Metro Vancouver YWCA programs.

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