Ingrid Rose

Ingrid Rose has a Creative Writing Certificate from the Writer's Studio at SFU and a degree in English and American literature from Sussex University. She has taught creative writing, reading and languaging through the body for over 30 years in Belgium, Canada, France, the U.S. and the U.K. She also teaches creative writing at Trout Lake Community Centre and at her Lagoon Studio.

Previously taught:

  • Essay of Desire: Writing Your Unknown Life/Future (55+)   PLUS153
  • Finding Your Way with Words: Guiding the Creative Process   AHCP160
  • Liquid Line: Writing Our Lives and Other Stories (55+)   PLUS245
  • The Presence of Memory: Making Sense of Your Life Through Writing (55+)   PLUS286
  • The Story of Your Life: Writing Autobiographically (55+)   SCFC681
  • This is Your Life: A Guide to Writing Your Life Story (Surrey)   AHCP169
  • Wordplay: Exploring Language Through Play (Surrey City Centre Library)   AHCP209
  • Writing A Memoir: (Re)discovering Yourself Through Words   AHCP138
  • Writing from the Body: A Way to Summon Words (55+)   PLUS229

Area(s) of instruction: