Sheila Roberts

Sheila Roberts attended the University of British Columbia and SFU. She taught elementary school before finishing her university degrees in English, and then became the assistant to the dean of arts at SFU for many years.

Roberts began teaching English full-time in the late 1980s, and is still involved in teaching. Her research centres on writings by medieval and Renaissance women, especially royal women of the Tudor period.

Previously taught:

  • Great Minds: Understanding Brain Development in Later Life (55+)   SCFC589
  • The Fascinating World of Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales (55+)   SCFC522
  • Pilgrimage: The Search for Meaning in Ancient and Modern Times (55+)   SCFC499
  • Power, Greed, Religion: Life in Henrician England (55+)   SCFC467
  • The Life and Times of People in 15th Century England (55+)   SCFC448
  • Shakespeare's "Problem Play:" Measure for Measure (55+)   SCFC428

Area(s) of instruction: