John Whatley

Dr. John Whatley was born in the UK and raised in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to working as a program director at SFU, John was a lecturer in SFU’s Department of English and School of Criminology. He has also taught at Germany’s Justus Liebig Universitaet. John specializes in 18th century gothic precedents to romanticism and has taught courses on crime and literature, the literary essay, poetry, the novel, and the relation between social sciences and literary theory. His research began with P.B. Shelley’s gothic novels and has expanded to include the relation between self-fashioning authenticity and images of criminal performance in literature. These interests have led to the production of a number of critical articles, one textbook and ample research on the relation between 18th century periodicals and the rise of the gothic novel. John is now retired.

Previously taught:

  • Fictional Criminals for the Serious Minded (55+)   PLUS283
  • Novels of Flight   LIB170
  • Wicked Spirits: Three Gothic Novels for the Serious Minded (55+)   SCFC753

Area(s) of instruction: