John Whatley

John Whatley is managing editor for Simon Fraser University Publications. John recently retired as an academic program director at SFU's Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE), where from 1996 to 2017 he was responsible for the development and supervision of online programs in English, German, criminology and world literature at SFU. He developed the CODE side of the Master in Applied Legal Studies, the Writer's Studio Online, and credit and noncredit programming in Restorative Justice. 

Prior to joining CODE, John was a lecturer in SFU's Department of English and a Lektor in the Fachbereich Anglistik at Justus Liebig Universit├Ąt in Hessen, Germany. 

He has been an associate member of the School of Criminology and the Department of English at SFU, has taught in both departments and has published articles on precursors to the Romantic period, gothic fiction and poetry, crime and literature, the literary essay, and the relation between the social sciences and literary criticism. He is also a published poet.

Previously taught:

  • Wicked Spirits: Three Gothic Novels for the Serious Minded (55+)   SCFC753

Area(s) of instruction: