Michael von Hausen

Michael von Hausen brings more than 30 years of teaching, training, facilitating and working across North America in the areas of land development planning, finance and urban design. He is president of MVH Urban Planning & Design Inc., an international consulting practice in sensitive land development planning; sustainable urban design; and community partnerships in Canada, the United States, China, Russia and Mexico. He is an adjunct professor in the Graduate Urban Studies Program at Simon Fraser University and the curriculum coordinator of Continuing Studies' award-winning Urban Design Certificate. He is a graduate of Harvard University with a master's degree in urban design and a specialty in real estate development economics.

In 2012, von Hausen was recognized as an honored member of the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals. His 2013 book, Dynamic Urban Design: A Handbook for Creating Sustainable Communities Worldwide, describes the theory, practice and potential of urban design as a catalyst for sustainable development. In July of 2013, his firm won the international eco-city design competition for Huangshi, China, which will expand the city by 1.1 million residents.


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