Pohsuan Zaide

Pohsuan Zaide holds a PhD from Saybrook University in San Francisco. She is a Jungian scholar and a psychotherapist that has previously taught courses in Jungian psychology for SFU Continuing Studies. Using a depth psychological approach, she focuses her clinical practice on helping individuals through difficult life transitions, past traumas and issues related to meaning, purpose and vocation. She is passionate about bringing the visionary insights of C.G. Jung out of the clinical-academic world and into public arenas such as education, environmental activism, social activism and peace work.

Previously taught

  • Archetypal Genius: The Thought of C. G. Jung (55+)   SCFC824
  • Cinema as Psyche in Projection   LIB173
  • Dreams: A Portal to the Source   LIB146
  • Growing Into Our Selves in Later Life (55+)   SCFC869
  • He, She, We: The Psychology of Romantic Love and Personality Development   LIB125
  • The Crisis of Selfhood: A Curse or an Opportunity?   AHCP289
  • The Undiscovered Self  LIB199

Area(s) of instruction: