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Professional finds perfect fit in Career Development Practitioner Certificate

April 10, 2013
Magdalena Mot, a graduate of our Career Development Practitioner Certificate. Image by Fabrice Grover photo.

By Amy Robertson and Natasha Townsend

Like many professionals, Magdalena Mot didn’t know what her dream job was until her career was already underway. SFU Continuing Studies helped her change course, and today, her dream job is her reality.

Mot completed a Master of Arts in Slavic studies thinking she would teach—but her career didn’t go as planned.

“When I graduated from McGill, there was no cute and perfect job waiting for me out there,” she said. “It was a while until I realized that there are so many different components that one has to juggle before one gets to be even close to that dream job.”

With her family relocating, Mot decided to be practical, taking a management position in Vancouver—quite different from the educational position she envisioned. But as she hired and trained new employees, she realized something: She loved it—and, according to her colleagues, she was quite good at it.

The layoff that came at the end of 2010 was a “wake-up call” that led to an important decision: “If I’m going to go back to work, it will be to do something I love,” she said. “It will be to help others avoid all the mistakes I made career-wise, as a new immigrant.”

Her decision led her to an information session about SFU Continuing Studies’ Career Development Practitioner Certificate. She was drawn to SFU, she says, because of its education values and principles. She began the program in early 2011, and found it was “nearly a perfect match.”

She loved the practical, hands-on nature of what she was learning, as well as the fact that each course built on the other.

“Everything was flowing like a river,” she said. “Every time the next session started, it completed, enriched, and made more sense of my previously acquired knowledge. It’s an experience I will cherish forever.”

She’s confident it’s helped her become the professional she is today. She found work as an employment counselor at Back in Motion only a month after graduating, and she finds her work incredibly rewarding.

“All those people that come back to my office with a smile to say ‘thank you’ are worth a lot more than one may think,” she said. “My days are simply made by those little success stories, and I hope they will keep coming my way.”