Professional Profiles

PR program paves the way to a dream

Photo by Greg Ehlers
May 04, 2015

By Amy Robertson

"The PR program was the best educational decision of my life."

Adam Bajan, who completed our Public Relations Certificate a few years ago, is emphatic when he says these words—and only partly because the program gave him a clear path to a career he loved.

A big part of the program's effectiveness was the instructors, he says, because they were all industry professionals. He knows his skills are better today because of Russell Garret's advice on résumés, Pamela Hart's help with public speaking, Fawn Mulcahy's instruction on communications planning, and more.

"That program is a ticket into a career," he says. "It was the best seven grand I ever spent."

Bajan finished in the fall of 2012 and completed his practicum at Granville Island Brewing. They asked him to extend his practicum when he was finished, and today they still call him when they need help.

Shortly afterward, Bajan earned an internship at a prestigious advertising agency. On the last day at the agency, he got a letter that would change his life: SFU had accepted his application for graduate studies.

For Bajan, the victory was particularly sweet because unlike most of that year's applicants, he had applied to SFU no fewer than three times—it was his dream to attend. He firmly believes that the PR program and the work he'd done in the PR industry are what made the difference in his application.

Bajan loves his graduate studies as much as he loved his PR work. He’s slated to finish his MA in Communication at SFU shortly, and in the fall of 2015, he’ll begin a PhD, fully funded, at Texas A&M University.

Afterward, he'll be able to choose between two careers: Academia or running his own PR firm. Either way, he knows he's set for the future.

"I'm confident that the valuable skills I learned at SFU Continuing Studies' PR program will serve me well in future years," Bajan says. "I'm blessed in the sense that I've worked really, really hard, and because of that, I have two really great choices."