Professional Profiles

PR grad working for top Canadian firm

Sasha Perrin. Image by Fabrice Grover Photo.

By Amy Robertson

Thanks to SFU Continuing Studies’ intensive Public Relations Certificate, Sasha Perrin is doing a job she loves: Creating the news as a communications consultant at Hill + Knowlton Strategies, one of Canada’s top PR and public affairs firms.

After finishing a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication at SFU in 2010, Sasha Perrin knew she needed some practical, hands-on training to enter her field of choice. A series of informational interviews led her to choose the PR program at her alma mater.

She chose it for is reputation for quality and because it would allow her to enter the workforce quickly. "I thought it would be the perfect addition to my degree," she said.

She was right.

"What I really liked about the program is that it focuses on real-world training as opposed to strictly theory. Your professors are individuals who work in the field and know first-hand job expectations…The work is reflective of what you actually do on the job."

Perrin received a job offer while completing her practicum. A year and a half later, she’s already moved on to a more senior position, and she loves the creativity she can bring to her work.

"Whether you’re creating campaigns, key messages, or crisis plans, there is always an element of knowing your client’s brand and crafting exactly what they need. Instead of finding the story, you have the chance to make the story," she said.

"I enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere of the PR field. There is always something going on, and I will be sticking with it for a long time. I like the fact that my job incorporates my skills and hobbies and I have the chance to build relationships, be creative, and be an advisor to someone. PR is really about teamwork and support, and it feels great when your client knows they have you by their side."