Professional Profiles

SFU grad lands coveted spot at hot Vancouver tech company

Elaiza Datar at HootSuite. Image by Dale Northey.

By Amy Robertson

Elaiza Datar, a 2013 grad of SFU Continuing Studies, is living her passion.

Datar works full-time at HootSuite, a Vancouver-based tech company and popular social relationship platform. She manages events and programs, creates campaigns, and engages with the HootSuite community worldwide. In the year she’s been with the company, she’s gone from intern to permanent employee and watched the company grow from 100 people to over 500. She’s also learned every single day.

Her journey began with SFU’s Digital Communications Certificate (now the Digital and Mobile Marketing Certificate). Datar recalls that she saw an ad for the program during a layover in Caracas after spending a year abroad.

The political science major felt she needed to add some practical, marketable skills to her resume. Ever since seeing a TED Talk years ago on the subject of online business, Datar knew she wanted a digital skill set that would give her global reach, mobility, and unlimited possibilities.

“You take your passion and you can bring it online and find your niche of people on the Internet, because that’s what the Internet lets us do,” she says.

After reading about the program, Datar realized it was exactly what she was looking for.

“It was as if it read my brain,” she says with a smile.

Within weeks, she’d been accepted, and began classes in Janaury 2013. She loved the variety of what she was studying: She learned how to produce videos, use social media effectively, create marketing campaigns, code websites, and more.

Throughout the program, she was introduced to HootSuite as a useful tool more than once, so when a group of classmates invited her to a HootSuite meet-up, she went.

The HootSuite VP who was hosting the event met her and was impressed with her international experience. Datar has lived in the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Ghana, and she speaks five languages. The VP could also sense that she was a self-starter, making her a great fit for HootSuite.

Datar began a three-month internship at the company in March 2013—and never left.

Her role has evolved over the last year, but one thing has remained constant: The ability to grow.

“I’m passionate about learning, and that is what my work is letting me do,” she says.

For Datar, the future is in digital, but wide open. As far as she's concerned, because of her experience at HootSuite, almost anything is within her reach. “I’ve learned so much here that I could apply it anywhere.”