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SFU Continuing Studies celebrates working women

August 04, 2015
Anchal Dhir. Photo by Greg Ehlers.

By Amy Robertson

According to the Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network, August 4 is the day to celebrate the single women who work hard—especially given how far women have come in the workforce. Last year, more women than ever were sitting on the boards of Canada’s 500 largest companies (by revenue): 17.1% of board members were women, up from 10.9% in 2001.

For young women like Aanchal Dhir, an investment manager, certified business analyst, and CEO of her own finance company, education is the key for moving into leadership positions. The graduate of SFU Continuing Studies’ Applied Business Analysis Certificate is passionate about saying, “Knowledge is power.” In the male-dominated finance industry, she believes assertiveness, confidence and a strong knowledge base are the best ways for women like her to stand their ground.

SFU Continuing Studies’ student numbers indicate many other women have learned the same lesson. Men still outnumber women in leadership roles, but if educational trends continue, that may change. Women consistently outnumber men in most of SFU Continuing Studies’ professional development programs. The university’s Applied Business Analysis Certificate cohort was 60 per cent female last year.

The part-time program, which focuses on business cases and advanced problem solving, gave Dhir the expertise and confidence to leave her job at a venture capitalist company to focus on her own business as an investor and adviser.

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