Joanna Ashworth

Joanna Ashworth is director of professional development and a teaching fellow in SFU’s Faculty of Environment. She is a research consultant, planner and senior associate with SFU’s Centre for Dialogue.

Ashworth is a research associate with SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development and the former director of dialogue programs at SFU, where she led innovative dialogue-learning projects and programs. She has also worked in the interwoven fields of communication and adult education, where she has done educational planning and community development, and held management positions with the United Nations in Latin America, then with Vancouver Community College, the Open Learning Agency, UBC and Vancity.

Seeking new ways to communicate and educate through media has led her to produce documentaries for television, video and audiotape for diverse types of learning needs. Her research interests include innovations in leadership education, dialogue and deliberation as hermeneutics, and uncovering tacit knowledge through reflective practice and narrative. She is the author of numerous publications, including Cultivating Dialogue.

Joanna is an advisor for the Social Innovation Certificate and the Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate program.