Business Management Courses

The following courses are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Business Management Certificate. 

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April 2021

19 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-ON121115

26 Human Resources Management MGMT310 MGMT310-ON121115

May 2021

4 Interpersonal Business Communication MGMT110 MGMT110-ON12141

September 2021

13 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-ON12171

13 Business Strategy MGMT420 MGMT420-ON12171

13 Financial Accounting Fundamentals MGMT250 MGMT250-ON12171

13 Human Resources Management MGMT310 MGMT310-ON12171

13 Interpersonal Business Communication MGMT110 MGMT110-ON12171

13 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-ON12171

14 Management Accounting MGMT355 MGMT355-ON12171

15 Business Law MGMT360 MGMT360-ON12171

January 2022

17 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-ON12211

17 Business Strategy MGMT420 MGMT420-ON12211

17 Financial Accounting Fundamentals MGMT250 MGMT250-ON12211

18 Accounting and Financial Management Fundamentals for Non-Financial Managers MGMT245 MGMT245-ON12211

18 Marketing Management MGMT240 MGMT240-ON12211

20 Business Finance MGMT350 MGMT350-ON12211